CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Answers

CCNA 1 v6.0 Introduction to networks ITN Final C Exam Answers

(Option C)

1 A medium-sized business is researching available options for connecting to the Internet. The company is looking for a high speed option with dedicated, symmetric access. Which connection type should the company choose?

leased line*  
cable modem

2 What is the purpose of having a converged network?

to provide high speed connectivity to all end devices
to make sure that all types of data packets will be treated equally
to achieve fault tolerance and high availability of data network infrastructure devices
to reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining the communication infrastructure*

3 What characteristic of a network enables it to quickly grow to support new users and applications without impacting the performance of the service being delivered to existing users?

quality of service

4 Which connection provides a secure CLI session with encryption to a Cisco switch?

a console connection
an AUX connection
a Telnet connection
an SSH connection*

5 A network technician is attempting to configure an interface by entering the following command: SanJose(config)# ip address The command is rejected by the device. What is the reason for this?

The command is being entered from the wrong mode of operation.*    
The command syntax is wrong.
The subnet mask information is incorrect.
The interface is shutdown and must be enabled before the switch will accept the IP address.

6 After several configuration changes are made to a router, the copy running-configuration startup-configuration command is issued. Where will the changes be stored?

the configuration register
a TFTP server

7 Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Q7

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Answers Q7

From global configuration mode, an administrator is attempting to create a message-of-the-day banner by using the command banner motd V Authorized access only! Violators will be prosecuted! V When users log in using Telnet, the banner does not appear correctly. What is the problem?

The banner message is too long.
The delimiting character appears in the banner message.*  
The symbol “!” signals the end of a banner message.
Message-of-the-day banners will only appear when a user logs in through the console port.

8 What are three characteristics of an SVI? (Choose three.)

It is designed as a security protocol to protect switch ports.
It is not associated with any physical interface on a switch.* 
It is a special interface that allows connectivity by different types of media.
It is required to allow connectivity by any device at any location.
It provides a means to remotely manage a switch.*    
It is associated with VLAN1 by default.* 

9 A technician configures a switch with these commands:
SwitchA(config)# interface vlan 1
SwitchA(config-if)# ip address
SwitchA(config-if)# no shutdown
What is the technician configuring?

Telnet access
password encryption
physical switchport access

10 In computer communication, what is the purpose of message encoding?

to convert information to the appropriate form for transmission*  
to interpret information
to break large messages into smaller frames
to negotiate correct timing for successful communication

11 What protocol is responsible for controlling the size of segments and the rate at which segments are exchanged between a web client and a web server?


12 What are two benefits of using a layered network model? (Choose two.)

It assists in protocol design.*  
It speeds up packet delivery.
It prevents designers from creating their own model.
It prevents technology in one layer from affecting other layers.* 
It ensures a device at one layer can function at the next higher layer.

13 What is the process of dividing a data stream into smaller pieces before transmission?


flow control

14 When IPv4 addressing is manually configured on a web server, which property of the IPv4 configuration identifies the network and host portion for an IPv4 address?

DNS server address
subnet mask*  
default gateway
DHCP server address

15 A network administrator is troubleshooting connectivity issues on a server. Using a tester, the administrator notices that the signals generated by the server NIC are distorted and not usable. In which layer of the OSI model is the error categorized?

presentation layer
network layer
physical layer*   
data link layer

16 A network engineer is measuring the transfer of bits across the company backbone for a mission critical database application. The engineer notices that the network throughput appears lower than the bandwidth expected. Which three factors could influence the differences in throughput?
(Choose three.)

the amount of traffic that is currently crossing the network*  
the sophistication of the encapsulation method applied to the data
the type of traffic that is crossing the network*    
the latency that is created by the number of network devices that the data is crossing*  

the bandwidth of the WAN connection to the Internet
the reliability of the gigabit Ethernet infrastructure of the backbone

17 Which type of UTP cable is used to connect a PC to a switch port?


18 What is a characteristic of the LLC sublayer?

It provides the logical addressing required that identifies the device.
It provides delimitation of data according to the physical signaling requirements of the medium.
It places information in the frame allowing multiple Layer 3 protocols to use the same network interface and media.*    
It defines software processes that provide services to the physical layer.

19 What are the three primary functions provided by Layer 2 data encapsulation? (Choose three.)

error correction through a collision detection method
session control using port numbers
data link layer addressing* 
placement and removal of frames from the media
detection of errors through CRC calculations*    
delimiting groups of bits into frames*  

conversion of bits into data signals

20 What will a host on an Ethernet network do if it receives a frame with a destination MAC address that does not match its own MAC address?

It will discard the frame.*   
It will forward the frame to the next host.
It will remove the frame from the media.
It will strip off the data-link frame to check the destination IP address.

21 What are two actions performed by a Cisco switch? (Choose two.)

building a routing table that is based on the first IP address in the frame header
using the source MAC addresses of frames to build and maintain a MAC address table*  
forwarding frames with unknown destination IP addresses to the default gateway
utilizing the MAC address table to forward frames via the destination MAC address*    
examining the destination MAC address to add new entries to the MAC address table

22 What are two examples of the cut-through switching method? (Choose two.)

store-and-forward switching
fast-forward switching*    
CRC switching
fragment-free switching*  
QOS switching

23 Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Q23

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Answers Q23

If host A sends an IP packet to host B, what will the destination address be in the frame when it leaves host A? 


24 What are two services provided by the OSI network layer? (Choose two.)

performing error detection
routing packets toward the destination*
encapsulating PDUs from the transport layer * 

placement of frames on the media
collision detection

25 What information is added during encapsulation at OSI Layer 3?

source and destination MAC
source and destination application protocol
source and destination port number
source and destination IP address*

26 What are two functions of NVRAM? (Choose two.)

to store the routing table
to retain contents when power is removed *   
to store the startup configuration file*  

to contain the running configuration file
to store the ARP table

27 Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Q27

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Answers Q27

The network administrator for a small advertising company has chosen to use the network for internal LAN addressing. As shown in the exhibit, a static IP address is assigned to the company web server. However, the web server cannot access the Internet. The administrator verifies that local workstations with IP addresses that are assigned by a DHCP server can access the Internet, and the web server is able to ping local workstations. Which component is incorrectly configured?

subnet mask
DNS address
host IP address
default gateway address*

28 Why does a Layer 3 device perform the ANDing process on a destination IP address and subnet mask?

to identify the broadcast address of the destination network
to identify the host address of the destination host
to identify faulty frames
to identify the network address of the destination network* 

29 What are the three ranges of IP addresses that are reserved for internal private use? (Choose three.)***

30 Which three addresses are valid public addresses? (Choose three.)**   

31 What type of IPv6 address is FE80::1?

global unicast

32 Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Q32

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Answers Q32

On the basis of the output, which two statements about network connectivity are correct? (Choose two.)

There is connectivity between this device and the device at* 
The connectivity between these two hosts allows for videoconferencing calls.
There are 4 hops between this device and the device at*  
The average transmission time between the two hosts is 2 milliseconds.
This host does not have a default gateway configured.

33 Which subnet would include the address as a usable host address?*

34 How many hosts are addressable on a network that has a mask of


35 Which statement is true about variable-length subnet masking?

Each subnet is the same size.
The size of each subnet may be different, depending on requirements.*  
Subnets may only be subnetted one additional time.
Bits are returned, rather than borrowed, to create additional subnets.

36 Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Q36

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Answers Q36

Consider the IP address of that has been assigned to a high school building. The largest network in this building has 100 devices. If is the network number for the largest network, what would be the network number for the next largest network, which has 40 devices?*

37 In what two situations would UDP be the preferred transport protocol over TCP? (Choose two.)

when applications need to guarantee that a packet arrives intact, in sequence, and unduplicated
when a faster delivery mechanism is needed*    
when delivery overhead is not an issue
when applications do not need to guarantee delivery of the data*    
when destination port numbers are dynamic

38 What important information is added to the TCP/IP transport layer header to ensure communication and connectivity with a remote network device?

timing and synchronization
destination and source port numbers*  
destination and source physical addresses
destination and source logical network addresses

39 What is the TCP mechanism used in congestion avoidance?

three-way handshake
socket pair
two-way handshake
sliding window*

40 Which three statements characterize UDP? (Choose three.)

UDP provides basic connectionless transport layer functions.* 
UDP provides connection-oriented, fast transport of data at Layer 3.
UDP relies on application layer protocols for error detection.*
UDP is a low overhead protocol that does not provide sequencing or flow control mechanisms.*  

UDP relies on IP for error detection and recovery.
UDP provides sophisticated flow control mechanisms

41 Which two tasks are functions of the presentation layer? (Choose two.)

session control

42 Which two protocols operate at the highest layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack? (Choose two.)


43 Which two roles can a computer assume in a peer-to-peer network where a file is being shared between two computers? (Choose two.)


44 What is the function of the HTTP GET message?

to request an HTML page from a web server*    
to send error information from a web server to a web client
to upload content to a web server from a web client
to retrieve client email from an email server using TCP port 110

45 A wireless host needs to request an IP address. What protocol would be used to process the request?


46 When planning for network growth, where in the network should packet captures take place to assess network traffic?

on as many different network segments as possible*    
only at the edge of the network
between hosts and the default gateway
only on the busiest network segment

47 When applied to a router, which command would help mitigate brute-force password attacks against the router?

exec-timeout 30
service password-encryption
banner motd $Max failed logins = 5$
login block-for 60 attempts 5 within 60* 

48 Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Q48

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Answers Q48

An administrator is testing connectivity to a remote device with the IP address What does the output of this command indicate?

Connectivity to the remote device was successful.
A router along the path did not have a route to the destination.*
A ping packet is being blocked by a security device along the path.
The connection timed out while waiting for a reply from the remote device.

49 A user is unable to reach the web site when typing in a web browser, but can reach the same site by typing What is the issue?

default gateway
TCP/IP protocol stack

50 What source IP address does a router use by default when the traceroute command is issued?

the highest configured IP address on the router
a loopback IP address
the IP address of the outbound interface*  
the lowest configured IP address on the router

51 Match each item to the type of topology diagram on which it is typically identified. (Not all options are used.)

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Q51

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Answers Q51

52 Match the description with the associated IOS mode. (Not all options are used.)
CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Q52

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Answers Q52

53 Match the situation with the appropriate use of network media.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Q53

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Answers Q53

54 Refer to the exhibit.  Match the packets with their destination IP address to the exiting interfaces on the router. (Not all options are used.)

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Q54

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Answers Q54

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Final C Exam Online

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