Chapter 10: Advanced Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance

Instructor Materials – Chapter 10: Advanced Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance

Chapter Outline:

10.0 Introduction
10.1 ASA Security Device Manager
10.2 ASA VPN Configuration
10.3 Summary

Section 10.1: ASA Security Device Manager

Topic 10.1.1: Introduction to ASDM

  • Overview of ASDM
  • Preparing for ASDM
  • Starting ASDM
  • ASDM Home Page Dashboards
  • ASDM Page Elements
  • ASDM Configuration and Monitoring Views
  • Configure and Access on an ASA5505

Topic 10.1.2: ASDM Wizard Menu

  • ASDM Wizards
  • The Startup Wizard
  • Different Types of VPN Wizards
  • Other Wizards

Topic 10.1.3: Configuring Management Settings and Services

  • Configuring Settings in ASDM
  • Configuring Basic Settings in ASDM
  • Configuring Interfaces in ASDM
  • Configuring the System Time in ASDM
  • Configuring Routing in ASDM
  • Configuring Device Management Access in ASDM
  • Configuring DHCP Services in ASDM

Topic 10.1.4: Configuring Advanced ASDM Features

  • Objects in ASDM
  • Configuring ACLs Using ASDM
  • Configuring Dynamic NAT in ASDM
  • Configuring Dynamic PAT in ASDM
  • Configuring Static NAT in ASDM
  • Configuring AAA Authentication
  • Configuring a Service Policy Using ASDM

Section 10.2: ASA VPN Configuration

Topic 10.2.1: Site-to-Site VPNs

  • ASA Support for Site-to-Site VPNs
  • ASA Site-to-Site VPNs Using ASDM
  • Configuring the ISR Site-to-Site VPNs Using the CLI
  • Configuring the ASA Site-to-Site VPNs Using ASDM
  • Verifying Site-to-Site VPNs Using ASDM
  • Test the Site-to-Site VPNs Using ASDM

Topic 10.2.2: Remote-Access VPNs

  • Remote-Access VPN Options
  • IPsec Versus SSL
  • Clientless SSL VPN Solution
  • Client-Based SSL VPN Solution
  • Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  • AnyConnect for Mobile Devices

Topic 10.2.3: Configuring Clientless SSL VPN

  • Configuring Clientless SSL VPN on an ASA
  • Sample Clientless VPN Topology
  • Clientless SSL VPN
  • Verifying Clientless SSL VPN
  • Testing the Clientless SSL VPN Connection
  • Viewing the Generated CLI Config

Topic 10.2.4: Configuring AnyConnect SSL VPN

  • Configuring SSL VPN AnyConnect
  • Sample SSL VPN Topology
  • AnyConnect SSL VPN
  • Verifying AnyConnect Connection
  • Install the AnyConnect Client
  • Viewing the Generated CLI Config

Section 10.3: Summary

Chapter Objectives:

  • Implement an ASA firewall configuration.
  • Configure remote-access VPNs on an ASA.


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