Chapter 3: Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

Instructor Materials – Chapter 3: Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

Chapter Outline:

3.0 Introduction
3.1 Purpose of the AAA
3.2 Local AAA Authentication
3.3 Server-Based AAA
3.4 Server-Based AAA Authentication
3.5 Server-Based Authorization and Accounting
3.6 Summary

Section 3.1: Purpose of the AAA

  • Topic 3.1.1: AAA Overview
  • Authentication without AAA
  • AAA Components

Topic 3.1.2: AAA Characteristics

  • Authentication Modes
  • Authorization
  • Accounting
  • Activity – Indentify the Characteristics of AAA

Section 3.2: Local AAA Authentication

Topic 3.2.1: Configuring Local AAA Authentication with CLI

  • Authenticating Administrative Access
  • Authentication Methods
  • Default and Named Methods
  • Fine-Tuning the Authentication Configuration

Topic 3.2.2: Troubleshooting Local AAA Authentication

  • Debug Options
  • Debugging AAA Authentication

Section 3.3: Server-Based AAA

Topic 3.3.1: Server-Based AAA Characteristics

  • Comparing Local AAA and Server-Based AAA Implementations
  • Introducing Cisco Secure Access Control System

Topic 3.3.2: Server-Based AAA Communication Protocols

  • Introducing TACACS+ and RADIUS
  • TACACS+ Authentication
  • RADIUS Authentication
  • Integration of TACACS+ and ACS
  • Integration of AAA with Active Directory

Section 3.4: Server-Based AAA Authentication

Topic 3.4.1: Configuring Server-Based Authentication with CLI

  • Steps for Configuring Server-Based AAA Authentication with CLI
  • Configuring the CLI with TACACS+ Servers
  • Configuring the CLI for RADIUS Servers
  • Configure Authentication to Use the AAA Server

Topic 3.4.2: Troubleshooting Server-Based AAA Authentication

  • Monitoring Authentication Traffic
  • Debugging TACACS+ and RADIUS

Section 3.5: Server-Based AAA Authorization and Accounting

Topic 3.5.1: Configuring Server-Based AAA Authorization

  • Introduction to Server-Based AAA Authorization
  • AAA Authorization Configuration with CLI

Topic 3.5.2: Configuring Server-Based AAA Accounting

  • Introduction to Server-Based AAA Accounting
  • AAA Accounting Configuration with CLI

Topic 3.5.3: 802.1X Authentication

  • Security Using 802.1X Port-Based Authentication
  • 802.1X Port Authorization State
  • Configuring 802.1X

Section 3.6: Summary

Chapter Objectives:

  • Explain how AAA is used to secure a network.
  • Implement AAA authentication that validates users against a local database.
  • Implement server-based AAA authentication using TACACS+ and RADIUS protocols.
  • Configure server-based AAA authorization and accounting.


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