It-essentials v6.0 Chapter 6 Exam Answers

1. What would be a reason for a computer user to use the Task Manager Performance tab?

to increase the performance of the CPU

to view the processes that are running and end a process if needed

to view the services that are currently running on the PC

to check the CPU usage of the PC*


2. Which feature in Windows 7 and 8 allows a user to temporarily view the desktop that is behind open windows by moving the mouse over the right edge of the taskbar?





jump lists

thumbnail previews


3. What is the minimum amount of RAM and hard drive space required to install 64-bit Windows 8 on a PC?

1 GB RAM and 10 GB hard disk space

1 GB RAM and 16 GB hard disk space

2 GB RAM and 16 GB hard disk space

2 GB RAM and 20 GB hard disk space*

4 GB RAM and 16 GB hard disk space

4 GB RAM and 20 GB hard disk space


4. After upgrading a computer to Windows 7, a user notices that the UAC (User Account Control) panel appears more frequently. How can the user reduce the frequency with which the UAC appears?

Reinstall all user programs in Compatibility Mode.

Replace the graphics card with one that meets the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7.

Lower the UAC setting in the Change User Account Control settings dialog box of the User Accounts control panel.*

In the Performance Options dialog box of the Performance Information and Tools control panel, choose Adjust for Best Performance.


5. Which Windows utility allows Windows 7 and 8 users to quickly and easily share files and folders?


Action Center


Device Manager


6. Which Windows administrative tool displays the usage of a number of computer resources simultaneously and can help a technician decide if an upgrade is needed?


Event Viewer

Component Services

Performance Monitor*


7. Which type of startup must be selected for a service that should run each time the computer is booted?







8. Which Windows tool allows an administrator to organize computer management tools in one location for convenient use?

Task Scheduler

Services console

Performance Monitor console

Microsoft Management console*


9. To which category of hypervisor does the Microsoft Virtual PC belong?

Type 1

Type 2*

Type 3

Type 4


10. What are two advantages of using PC virtualization? (Choose two.)

It protects the host machine from viruses attacks.

It allows multiple operating systems to run on a single PC simultaneously.*

It boosts the performance of the host machine through virtualization.

It can provide cost savings.*

It allows network threat identification.


11. A college uses virtualization technology to deploy information security courses. Some of the lab exercises involve studying the characteristics of computer viruses and worms. What is an advantage of conducting the lab exercises inside the virtualized environment as opposed to using actual PCs?

The lab exercises are performed faster inside of the virtualized environment.

The virtualization environment has better tools to develop mitigation solutions.

Virus and worm attacks are more easily controlled in a virtualized environment, thus helping to protect the college network and its devices from attack.*

The viruses and worms will have limited functionality inside the virtualized environment.


12. A software engineer is involved in the development of an application. For usability tests, the engineer needs to make sure that the application will work in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 environments. The features and functions must be verified in the actual OS environment. The engineer is using a Windows 7 workstation. What two technologies can help the engineer achieve the usability tests? (Choose two.)

dual boot*

two separate CPUs

storage redundancy

client-side virtualization*

two separate hard disks


13. A technician needs to use an application that is not supported by Windows operating systems on the PC. How can the technician make this application run on the PC?

Use the Windows Compatibility mode.

Install the application with elevated permissions as administrator.

Create a virtual machine with an operating system that supports the application.*

Install the application in safe mode.


14. What preventive maintenance action should be taken to help improve system security?

Automate any antivirus scanners.*

Defragment the hard drive.

Perform backups regularly.

Error check the hard drive.


15. Which Windows 7 feature would an administrator use to configure a computer to delete temporary files from the hard drive at 3:00 AM each day?

Disk Cleanup

Task Scheduler*

Device Manager

Computer Management


16. Which command is used from the Windows command prompt to schedule a program to run at a specific time?






17. When troubleshooting a printer problem, a technician finds that the operating system was automatically updated with a corrupt device driver. Which solution would resolve this issue?

Roll back the driver.*

Restart both the computer and the printer.

Scan the downloaded driver file with a virus scanner.

Upload the correct driver to the printer.


18. Which two Windows utilities can be used to help maintain hard disks on computers that have had long periods of normal use? (Choose two.)

Disk Cleanup*

Disk Maintenance

Disk Defragmenter*

Disk Partition

Disk Format


19. What is a common step that a technician can take to determine the cause of an operating system problem?

Boot into Safe Mode to determine if the problem is driver related.*

Test the power supply.

Document the time spent to resolve the problem.

Check the fan connections and ensure the fan is working properly.


20. Which question is an open ended question that could be used when helping a customer troubleshoot a Windows problem?

Can you boot the operating system?

Have you changed your password recently?

Do you get a login prompt when the computer boots?

What programs have you installed recently?*


21. A user reports that logging into the workstation fails after a display driver has been updated. The user insists that the password is typed in correctly. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

The password has changed.

The Caps Lock key is set to on.*

A display driver update failed.

The display setting has changed after a driver update.


22. A user reports that a video editing program does not work properly after a sound mixing program is installed. The technician suspects that a compatibility issue might be the cause of the problem. What should the technician do to verify this theory?”

Update Windows OS.

Update the video editing software.

Uninstall the sound mixing software.*

Check if an update of the sound mixing software is available.

23. A user reports to a technician that his computer freezes without any error messages. What are two probable causes? (Choose two.)

An update has corrupted the operating system.*

A process is not using enough system resources.

The power supply is failing.*

The MBR is corrupted.

The boot order is not set correctly in BIOS.

24. A technician is trying to fix a Windows 7 computer that displays an “Invalid Boot Disk” error after POST. What is a possible cause of the error?

The boot.ini file is corrupt.

The ntldr.exe file is corrupt.

The file is corrupt.

The boot order is not set correctly in the BIOS.*

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